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Ramona Muse Lambert

Custom Family Portraits

Custom Family Portraits

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After almost 3 years I am offering family portraits again!  If you are interested please read the following list of things to consider.  Honestly, none of this has ever been an issue before but I want to make sure people think about these things, as painting your family is a special project for me. NOTE: VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF SLOTS, SO ORDER NOW IF YOU WANT ONE.

  1. Are you into MY style? You will be getting a portrait done in MY style because I know no other way. I use bright vibrant colors, with floral themes. If you have a favorite color like taupe I will be open to that discussion though! But it’ll be wild patterns, always. Just make sure you bring up any requests like this first thing when you send your photo, as I will not be able to go back and forth with revisions after the piece is finished.
  2. Make sure you have a photo that it’s ok for me to illustrate (permission from photographer). 
  3. The "Color by Number" pieces will be DIGITAL ONLY. You'll receive a file from me and you will have to get it printed yourself. These are great for holiday cards, but you could use it for whatever. You choose custom text at the top, I put you in holiday sweaters unless you’d prefer a different patterned theme.
  4. The "Digital Watercolor" pieces will be DIGITAL ONLY.  You'll receive a file from me and you will have to get it printed yourself. They can be printed as you wish on a canvas, mug, crop top, etc.
  5. The "Original Watercolor on Board" pieces are more stylized than the digital ones. They are jankier and thus more special than the digitals. They will come on a 12x12" wood panel ready to hang.
  6. PETS COUNT AS PEOPLE. So when selecting the number of subjects please add your animals in that count.
  7. Do with my art what you will. It’s yours baby!
  8. Once you order, I will email you to get things started. All portraits will be done in the order received. 
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