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Ramona Muse Lambert

Tickets to Rippin' & Rollin' 2 on July 27th at Skate South

Tickets to Rippin' & Rollin' 2 on July 27th at Skate South

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Many who attended the first Rippin' & Rollin' had one of the best nights of their lives, come find out what all the hype is about! Come experience an immersive live music & skating event at the second installment of Rippin’ & Rollin’ at Skate South (10494 County Line Rd, Des Moines, IA) on July 27th! Bands will perform in the middle of the rink floor, while audience members get to skate around them and enjoy Skate South’s surround sound PA and lighting system, or witness it all from the fully-amplified standing/seating area. This edition will feature performances from Tires and Glitter Density, with in-between jams of the highest quality provided by DJ Uncle Willy.  Doors will open at 8:45, tickets are $16 in advance/ $19 day-of-show. Ages 18 and older, or younger teens must be accompanied by an adult.

Tires: A mostly instrumental band, Tires is experimental electronic noise that is pounding, driven, and chaotic. "Tires is a mind-bending, experimental space-rock experience. Hop in your spaceship and press play." -Daytrotter. LISTEN:

Glitter Density: Bubblegum pop-rock duo from Des Moines, IA. Makin mothers proud in the 515. LISTEN:

DJ Uncle Willy: Raised in the roller rink since birth, and finely seasoned in the streets and clubs of New York City, DJ Uncle Willy aka Willy Muse is the king of vibes, the boss of beats, and the shaman of booty shakers. Come witness his return to his natural habitat as he spins everything from classic rink jams to modern bops that will have you rolling past the booth yelling “what was that song?!”
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