Born in rural Iowa, and now residing in Des Moines, Ramona Muse Lambert creates art in a variety of mediums including illustration, painting, textile, and multimedia. Since receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Iowa State University, she has cultivated art experiences for children and adults at various schools, museums, and workspaces across the state. Ramona believes that art should be an inclusive experience, and often injects humor and playfulness into her work, in an attempt to make it accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Ramona is the lead of the musical act Ramona and the Sometimes, as well as a long time member of national act Leslie and the Lys. Working as a freelancer, she has illustrated work for Hinterland, Exile, J. Crew, Zanzibar’s, Pavement, and more. She also sells her art merchandise to unique gift boutiques around the country. Currently, she is writing and directing a tv show, Yarn House, with frequent comedic partner, Leslie Hall. Ramona co-hosts the podcast Mona and Derek’s Quiz Show, makes music and raises three sons with her wonderful husband Derek Muse Lambert.